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Custom " I love you"  Picture Sound Wave Art
Custom " I love you"  Picture Sound Wave Art
Custom " I love you"  Picture Sound Wave Art

Custom " I love you" Picture Sound Wave Art

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Custom Sound Wave creations straight from your voicemail, video, audio recording, favorite song etc..

This piece is audio or song with your picture put into the sound waves.

Sound Wave custom art provides a great gift to celebrate or memorialize so many occasions.

Wedding gift- Telling the couple congratulations or the bride and groom thanking there wedding party.

Birthday- Letting a loved one know you love them or the grandkids wishing grandma and grandpa "happy birthday".

Anniversary-  Create a custom message to your spouse just a simple "I love you".

Memorial- Have an old voicemail or video of someone who has passed. Turn it into a beautiful keepsake. **Most Popular**

Military Families- Kids or family want to send a special message to someone serving our country. A simple recording saying "we miss you get home safe".

Proposing- record your proposal "xxxxx will you marry me".

Gag Gift- Have funny recording you want to send as a gag gift skies the limit. 

New Baby- Do you have a recording of hearing your babies heart beat for the 1st time.



Please provide the following information:

  • Upload the media/picture.
  • Write what you would like on the sound wave art.
  • Choose song you would like the sound wave from. Example below
  • All frames come with saw tooth hanger on back



*Return Policy*

•••All Custom tumblers are non refundable•••


Production time 2-3 business days.

Shipping 2-4 business days.