American Flag Camo " I love you" Soundwave
American Flag Camo " I love you" Soundwave
American Flag Camo " I love you" Soundwave

American Flag Camo " I love you" Soundwave

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Have you ever wanted to turn a recording into a keepsake? Here it is a custom tumbler with the soundwave and a QR code to play it back to you all in one spot. Custom Sound Wave creations straight from your voicemail, video, audio recording ect.

Sound Wave custom tumblers provide a great gift to celebrate or memorialize so many occassions.

Wedding gift- Telling the couple congratulations or the bride and groom thanking there wedding party.

Birthday- Letting a loved one know you love them or the grandkids wishing grandma and grandpa "happy birthday".

Anniversary-  Create a custom message to your spouse just a simple "I love you".

Memorial- Have an old voicemail or video of someone who has passed. Turn it into a beautiful keepsake. **Most Popular**

Military Families- Kids or family wanna send a special message to someone serving our country. A simple recording saying "we miss you get home safe".

Proposing- record your proposal "xxxxx will you marry me".

Gag Gift- Have funny recording you wanna send as a gag gift skies the limit. 

New Baby- Do you have a recording of hearing your babies heart beat for the 1st time.



Please provide the following information:

  • Upload the media you would like to have to have played back.
  • Select size in drop down box.
  • Write what you would like on the tumbler
  • Choose Font


How it works:

We create the actual sound waves from the video/audio and put a QR code of the actual recording you provided onto the tumbler for a everlasting gift. 

You scan the QR code with any camera or QR code reader and it plays the recording back to you.    Android/ Apple

*Return Policy*

•••All Custom tumblers are non refundable•••


Production time 2-3 business days.

Shipping 2-4 business days.