#1125 Sublimation Transfer Ready to Press - 'MERICA- Sublimation Print

#1125 Sublimation Transfer Ready to Press - 'MERICA- Sublimation Print

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This listing is for sublimation TRANSFERS only, you will NOT receive a shirt or other item. Items are shown for examples of what it will look like on clothing.

Transfers must be used on items intended for sublimation polyester fabric. 100% polyester fabric will give best, brightest results or any other items intended for sublimation. The less polyester (50% is minimum) the more 'vintage' the print will look.

Light colors are recommended. Sublimation ink will not show up on dark colors. There is no white ink in sublimation, any white areas shown in designs will be the color of the surface pressed on.

Sublimation prints REQUIRE a heat press. DO NOT USE Irons, Easy Press, etc MAY NOT be used.

Temp: 400

Pre Press Item- 7 Sec

Time: 60 sec

Pressure: Medium